Interest in the end of the world is at record levels. Nearly 75 million copies of the Left Behind book series have been sold. Major news publications like TIME, Newsweek and The Economist have recently had cover stories about the end of the world. NBC recently ran a mini-series about the end of the world, called “Revelations.” And since 9/11, the top 2 topics requested at are the Second Coming and Signs of the End.

Yet at the same time, misunderstanding about the Second Coming is also very high. Left Behind talks about the rapture. The Last Disciple, a new book from Hank Hanegraaff of The Bible Answer Man radio program, offers the preterist perspective of prophecy. Millions of people, desperate to understand the subject of Bible prophecy, are turning to sources of information that do not reflect solid biblical truth.

It Is Written wants to change that. The purpose of The Appearing is to help those in your community who are interested in this topic to find your local church and the unique Seventh-day Adventist message about the Second Coming.

What is The Appearing?

The Appearing is a 5-night satellite experience about the Second Coming, and an intentional seed-sowing activity for your local community. It is designed to bring It Is Written viewers and other members of the general public through the doors of your local church, teach the Bible truth about Jesus Christ’s Second Coming, and quickly transition participants into one or more specific follow up activities—pastor’s class, other Sabbath School class, individual Bible study, local evangelistic campaign, or home Bible study group.

The Appearing has four teaching components:

Satellite experience. Each night for 5 nights, Shawn will spend 30-40 minutes sharing some aspect of the Second Coming in a dynamic, media-rich presentation via satellite.

Local moderator. At the conclusion of each night’s presentation, Shawn will turn the time over to the local moderator, who will lead their audience through a short follow-up Bible study. The study will both review the content they’ve just heard, and add a few questions to deepen their understanding. This allows for more personal interaction and stronger relationship building, and helps to quickly establish the local pastor or elder as an authority on the subject.

Follow—up class. Also each night, Shawn will promote a follow-up class that will meet weekly at each host site for 6-10 weeks. These will begin the Sabbath following the conclusion of the 5-night series. This might be a pastor’s class, another Sabbath School class, individual Bible studies, a local evangelistic campaign, or home Bible study group.

Book. Shawn has also written a book about the Second Coming called The Appearing. This book gives much greater historical detail about competing viewpoints about prophecy, and fleshes out the Adventist perspective. This book is an excellent companion to the 5-night event and local follow-up classes. The book will retail for $9.95, but we're offering special pricing as low as $2.08 to registered host sites who offer it as a free gift to attendees who come all five nights. (Take a look at all our resources here.)

Partnering with Local Churches

Our fundamental objective for this project is to bring new interests through the doors of your church and to help integrate them into the life of your church. From the pre-event promotion, to each night’s presentation, to the follow-up communication with registered attendees—we are actively working to transition each interest from It Is Written toward a strong relationship with your local church.

When you register as a host church, you’ll receive a FREE resource kit, with specialized materials to help make this event successful at your host site. This resource kit includes:

   • Promotional materials, to rally your church and tell the community about the event.
   • Training materials, to equip your church members to be effective ambassadors for the Gospel.
   • Presentation materials, to prepare the local moderator to lead in each evening’s closing discussion.

In addition, we will be offering a variety of follow-up resources, to help your church nurture and grow the new interests who would like to integrate into the life of your church.

Registering as a host church takes just a moment. Register now to receive your FREE resource kit!


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